What is the Jewish War Veterans Foundation? How is it different from the Jewish War Veterans?

The Jewish War Veterans Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that was created as a direct way to give back to the veteran and inservice community, and contributions are entirely tax –deductible.

The Jewish War Veterans is a 501(c)(4), and while contributions are also tax-deductible, JWV functions primarily as a membership organization. JWV has over 15,000 members across the country who regularly meet and volunteer within their communities.

Youth Achievement Program

Q: My grandfather was a Jewish veteran. Am I eligible to apply?

Applicants must be a direct descendant of a Jewish veteran who was/is a member of the Jewish War Veterans organization. The member must have been in good standing for at least three years. If your relative is deceased, he cannot become a posthumous member for application purposes.

If your relative is deceased and you are unsure if your relative was a member, you can call the Jewish War Veterans Membership Department at (202) 265-6280 or email jwv@jwv.org. Please include the person’s name, time of service, and where they lived in your email.

Q: When will the decisions be made?

The Grants Committee meets once a year at the JWV Annual National Convention in August to discuss and decide on the recipients.

Please note that due to the number of applications received, only the winners will be notified.

Q: How does the application process work?

Applicants are required to prove that their relative was a member of JWV, and once completed, the application must be sent to the Department to which the members belonged. The Departments then vote on the top four applicants, whose applications are then forwarded to the National office in Washington, D.C. for holding until the Annual National Convention, where the final winners are decided.

**The Jewish War Veterans is organized in Departments at the state or geographic level. Within each Department are Posts, which are geographically located and must contain at least ten members. If there are not enough Posts within a specific state to qualify for a Department, then it merges with other areas. For example, there is no Department of Georgia. Instead, there is the Department of the Southeast.

National Achievement Program

Q: I’m not Jewish. Am I eligible to apply to the essay contest?

Yes, any veteran or inservice member who is looking to go back to school may apply. Just be sure to include your DD-214 or other acceptable military proof of service as part of your application.