Jewish Warrior Weekend

Jewish Warrior Weekend is a weekend Shabbaton for Jewish cadets and midshipman.  During the weekend, they will reaffirm their commitment to the military and the Jewish people, create a support network and a community of Jewish military personnel, and change the general Jewish community’s perception of Jewish American military service and raise awareness about Jews serving on our nation’s front lines.  

Jewish Warrior Weekend fall 2018
Washington, DC
November 9-11, 2018

Guest Speakers

paul becker

Paul Becker is a retired United States Navy Rear Admiral, the former Director for Intelligence, Joint Staff and life member of Jewish War Veterans. As the JCS J2, RADM Becker was the principal intelligence advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

phil carter

Phillip Carter is a former Army officer, Iraq veteran, and life member of Jewish of War Veterans who’s now a senior researcher at the RAND Corporation, where his work focuses on veterans, military personnel, and civil-military relations.

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Lodging is included in the the cost of the weekend. All cadets and midshipman will be housed at the Kimpton Carlyle Hotel in Dupont Circle.


All meals will be provided to the cadets will be either kosher or kosher-style. If you specifically need Glatt Kosher, you must request this before attending the weekend.

Sponsors of Jewish Warrior Weekend