Donors and Sponsors

Thank you to all who contributed to help make this event a success and support our veterans!

Department of New York
Department of Florida
Department of TALO
Department of New Jersey
Department of Connecticut
Robert Kaufman
PNC David Magidson

GOLD $2500+
Fegelson-Young Feinberg Post 697 PA
PDC Barry Schneider
Ms. Rosalyn Rosenthal
Bialer Family Foundation

SILVER $1000+
Mr. Jack Oliver
David J Kauffman Post 41 NY
Mr. Richard Abrams
PDC Paul Warner
Lipman-Erlanger Post 756 NY
Department of Maryland
Mr. Jerome Benjamin
PNC Robert Pickard
Mr. Roger Gove
PNC Norman Rosenshein
PFC Frederick Hecht Post 425 NY
Dr. Linda Schwartz & Mr. Stanley Schwartz
Mr. Jeffrey Josephs
Department of Illinois
Ben Talpalar Family

BRONZE $500+
Westchester County Council NY
Mr. Herb Rosenbleeth
PDC Arthur Greenwald
NC & PNP Jerry & Joanne Blum
PDP Linda Singer
Mr. Eric Schneider
Bering Financial
Preiskel-Miller-Glasberg Post 47 NJ
Buffalo Frontier Post 25 NY
PNP Petra & Mr. Jason Kaatz
Manhattan-Cooper-Lieutenant Colonel Larry Epstein-Florence Greenwald Post 1 NY
Queens County Council NY
Bronx County Council NY
JWVA PFC Frederick Hecht Post 425 NY
PNC Bob Zweiman
Mr. Carl Singer
Mr. Gerald Levine
PNC Irv Steinberg Post 440 FL
Agami-Jacobson Post 265 FL
Murray Solomon Post 243 FL
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Livingston
PNC Michael Berman
PNC Norman Rosenshein
Perlman-Matlin-Gartenberg Post 800 IL
Buffalo Grove Post 89 IL
Holland & Knight

Mr. Howard Schultz
Chicago Post Post 153 IL
White Plains Post 191 NY
Bell Oak Post 648 NY
AG Prada
Mr. Stuart Snow
Dr. Harvey J. Bloom Post 256 TX
JWVA Dr. Harvey Bloom Post 256 TX
Neumann-Goldman Post 69 NY
Mrs. Martine Thomas
Mr. Ben Herman
Coral Springs Post 606 FL
JWVA Coral Springs Post 606 FL
DC David Zwerin
Ensign Lawrence D. Solowey Post 652 NY
Nassau-Suffolk District Council NY
American Solutions for Business Inc. Marketing Services LLC
Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
Mr. Joseph Somers
West Suburban Post 54 IL
Pvt. Sam Neivelt Post 407 IL
Rabbi Judith Siegal
Ms. Marilyn Mittentag
Ms. Julia Lasher